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The ability to create extensions myself on the fly is most important for me. Most of my plugins have started as scripts I run from the console and the UI and wrapping extension has been added later. (Almost) full access to the DOM and a lovely scripting language with a concise and easy to read syntax is some of the best parts about SketchUp.


Thanks- very helpful to have lists like these as we plan forward.


Vertex editing in some form would be my number 1.


I fully agree that weld should be included in the core. In general I think as much functionality as possible should be in extensions to let you enable and learn one new aspect at the time, but as explode curve is a core feature weld should be too.


I don’t have a specific list, but @Eneroth’s solid tools idea of intelligently preserving components is a serious improvement over Pro’s implementation.

Note that I haven’t yet tried Shop, so you may have already fixed this failing.

Additionally, any extensions that you incorporate into the base offering should include some form of compensation to the author! Even if you incorporate none of their code, the improvement was their idea. Without them, you may never have even known that their “something” was useful enough to incorporate into Sketchup.

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