Announcing SketchUp Shop


I second changing the name.
“Visibility” is not bad at all


I have higher hopes for the development of online after taking Octane Browser edition for a spin today!


Oh! It has a File menu! You know where all your files go :smiley: . It has a UI that doesn’t need to be figured out and remember, but can just be used directly.

Is there any free demo/trial of this?


This is the demo, it’s on the main page on the Octane main page.


To get back to this topic,

I understand it is too late to remove “Layers” from SU Free. However I’d recommend adding the Outliner anyway, and have it shown by default in the tray while Layers is by default hidden.

I don’t think anyone would buy Shop to get the outliner anyway, as it doesn’t really add new functionality, only shows the model hierarchy more clearly. However I understand Shop needs features that Free is lacking. Maybe the Free the Outliner could be added to Free at the same time as Shop is getting the ability to create and edit Styles.

I assume Free won’t be able to modify styles, and can speak from my own experience when I say it is indispensable for professional use, but not very important for the half a decade or so I was a devoted hobby user. In my view full Styles support is one of the best candidates for a Shop only feature.


Thanks for the good ideas, and I’m always open to discussing such things- as you know, however, I’m not able to make any kind of public comment about specific features in future product releases.


:smiley: I’m out


Everyone knew subscriptions were coming, right? Why else would Trimble go to the considerable effort to port SketchUp to the web.

Next up will be SketchUp Plans or some such. It will offer the Pro features in a browser, as well as extensions and publishing capabilities which will be superior to the awful LayOut’s if only because they couldn’t possibly be worse. That will be yours for $399 a year. At that point, Trimble will try its best to kill Pro (desktop) and herd everyone over to SaaS, because SaaS is better for you and better for shareholders.

Unfortunately, many users will refuse to abandon their trusted Pro desktop. Pitchforks will rise amidst the angered populace, such that Trimble will back off its all-web-all-the-time plans and find itself mired in the same bog Intuit has been in for years, stuck with maintaining a legacy (desktop) codebase in addition to a new one (web) to which a lot of users refuse to migrate. Intuit has been aggressively and not very successfully pushing QuickBooks Online on a consistuency that clings to their desktop software (also called Pro, interestingly) with the same ardor with which others cling to their bump stocks and polymer-filled hollow points.

  • Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Storage: Store as many models as you want with an upgraded Trimble Connect account (included with a SketchUp Shop subscription).
  • Collaborate with Others: Use Trimble Connect’s project sharing features to work together with others on larger and more complex projects.

Does this mean I don’t have to have an account on TrimbleConnect Business ($10 / month)?
Or, is there any difference ?


Most likely we will see both in the future. A desktop version and some sort of web system to compliment it. Best of both worlds.


SketchUp Shop includes all the features and services of Trimble Connect for Business.


Hopefully, it would be like the way Generate report works now: when online, make use of latest verson , but when cut off from internet (deliberate or not) use the embedded version in the desktop ‘core’


I sincerely hope the desktop version isn’t planned to ever be discontinued but ever since I first heard of the web app I’ve been afraid of it :frowning: .


I am wondering what to do because SketchUpPro annual update cost ($120) and SketchUp Shop annual cost ($119) are almost the same. However, SketchUp Shop does not come with LayOut and can not support Plugin.
Perhaps it is best for me to have both SketchUpPro and SketchUpShop at this time.


"we continued to launch new features every couple of weeks, "


What about Plugins in Sketchup Shop ?


Given that we aren’t likely to launch a full browser-based Ruby-compatible extension as soon as you would like, the answer might be instead for us to add the features you want directly to the core application. You saw us do that, for example, with the popular STL exporter extension.

What plugins are you most interested in using with SketchUp Shop?


The very basics that should even be included in Free

Weld (should be in all versions of SU as you have the explode Curve command and Follow me explodes curves there should be a native way to put them back together.)
Purge all
Upright Extruder
Spacemouse support

The next level
Add faces
Bezier Spline
Copy along curve or Path Copy
Extrude tools
Most of, if not all, Fredos tools
JWMShapes tool
Selection toys
Solid inspector

These are just the ones I can’t live without, the next stage would be the ones that I realise you probably need to be using Pro, for example most of TIG’s, Thomthom’s and Eneroth’s tools.


For what it’s worth, I don’t have very many extensions installed - probably 10 or so for model-creation (not counting animator, for example)). The extension that I execute most often (by a factor of 20X probably, compared to all others) is @thomthom’s Solid Inspector2. It is a big time-saver and sanity-checker for me! I use @Fredo6’s RoundCorner moderately often (for some situations it is a life-saver). Same for @eneroth3’s Upright Extruder - I don’t use it very often but when needed it is perfect. (The Weld extension is often handy in conjunction with Upright Extruder.) I’m growing to use @slbaumgartner’s Circle Intersect more and more; I love accurate geometry! I use Terry Ross’s Curve Maker for occasional helixes. I’ve used FollowAndRotate a few times - maddeningly finicky but great when it works.


Here’s my plugin’s list.

The most important, hidden on the list is S4U Slice

Thanks from a french user


Most definitely. I have never understood why this is not yet a native feature.

I refuse to try Free until this happens, just on principle. :wink: (Not serious, but almost).