Announcing SketchUp Shop


I second changing the name.
“Visibility” is not bad at all


I have higher hopes for the development of online after taking Octane Browser edition for a spin today!


Oh! It has a File menu! You know where all your files go :smiley: . It has a UI that doesn’t need to be figured out and remember, but can just be used directly.

Is there any free demo/trial of this?


This is the demo, it’s on the main page on the Octane main page.


To get back to this topic,

I understand it is too late to remove “Layers” from SU Free. However I’d recommend adding the Outliner anyway, and have it shown by default in the tray while Layers is by default hidden.

I don’t think anyone would buy Shop to get the outliner anyway, as it doesn’t really add new functionality, only shows the model hierarchy more clearly. However I understand Shop needs features that Free is lacking. Maybe the Free the Outliner could be added to Free at the same time as Shop is getting the ability to create and edit Styles.

I assume Free won’t be able to modify styles, and can speak from my own experience when I say it is indispensable for professional use, but not very important for the half a decade or so I was a devoted hobby user. In my view full Styles support is one of the best candidates for a Shop only feature.


Thanks for the good ideas, and I’m always open to discussing such things- as you know, however, I’m not able to make any kind of public comment about specific features in future product releases.


:smiley: I’m out