Animated Lightweight and Practical with Google Sketchup

Summary of how to create a variety of Animated Lightweight and Practical with Google Sketchup Elastic-
Rendered Video with Ambient Occlusion EX (FluidRay)- KeyFrame Animation (Polygon Reguler).
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You should change your title. Google sold Sketchup to Trimble over a decade ago. There’s no connection with Google since then.

Sketchup 2021 & Vray 5 vision is very nice and user friendly as privious version, good job dear Sketchup develop team. Thank you so much, Sketchup develop team to your heartest hardwork for us.
But, I think need animated object in sketchup it emergency, for animated models (object’s)why need to go Lumion, Twinmotion etc. Lumion, Twinmotion operation is very difficult, not user friendly like sketchup. Please humbly request to Sketchup develop team, please do something. Thank you for co-operation… Thank you once again.

what can I help you sir
respect wandi

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