Analytics page cut short?

Seems like the map and breakdown panes are no longer available. Pity…

Its like giving a child an ice cream, then taking it back, would have been best not to tease

Is it likely to come back?

Nothing points in that direction;
I’m not holding my breath…

Me neither. I can feel one of their standard "We cannot talk about the future . . . . " responses winging its way!

No, this one’s shipped, so we can mention it. But getting a bunch of analytics features really falls in the realm of people who upload things for a business reason. We had this in beta so we could get more eyeballs on it, but it’s a feature for paying customers. Down the road, we’ll investigate (just like Free & Pro SketchUp), which side of the fence things fall.

I only used if briefly, but I miss it.


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