An absolutely silly question (but dealing w/husband's medication changes/have serious side effects)

…so, I’m not thinking too clearly at the moment…but must work on my project (actually will get my mind off his confusion, and pain, stupid DEA people, I want my husband back). It’s bad, his side effects fall under the “serious” category. I’m just having a problem because I’ve forgotten how to make something a SubD part now that I can use the Vertex Tool on it (yay). I mean I’m going to create something from scratch to replace something else, only I forgot how to do the first step.

I know, that’s stupid, absolutely dumb. I suppose I could blame the brain damage that I suffered from the stroke, but even that is too pathetic, it’s not that. I’m just tired, plain and simple, and the only thing that will get my mind off the problem that my husband is encountering, which I am totally helpless against, is to work on my project.

I already have used the SubD Tools on parts that already existed, but if I want to use it on a new part to replace a part that exists on my model should I go ahead and create four or five rectangles, then group them together, and use the SubD on that. Or is there another step that I have to go through?

Like I said, a really stupid, basic problem that has got me in a quandary. To think that I actually went to college for architecture, and actually did graduate (but no CAD). And I’ve got to ask you this…I’m so sorry.