Always open little box for changing component size and position attributes

Does anytone know if there is an extension which is just a little box which is always visible and that shows the x,y and z size for a component, so the size can be changed quickly. So for example all you would have to do is select a component (left click) and the box shows it’s size, then you can click on any of the sizes in the box and easily change it.
This would be much simpler then right clicking, selecting dynamic components from the menu then selecting attributes, then selecting the x,y,z size etc which is quite tedious for a simple task.
The box could also show the x,y,z position which could also be changed in the same way (for example if you just need to nudge something along an axis by a set amount).
Is there a developer out there who can make this ? Sounds quite simple to me…

Hello, this could be relevant but:

  • The dimensions of a component instance are not a single value, but the result of scaling.
  • The dimensions can be conditioned by a formula.
  • The dimensions can be conditioned by the dimensions of a sub-component.
  • Then come questions about managing instances. Do you have to modify only the selected instance or the definition of the component?
    So there is a lot of code behind for a simple info palette!

Perhaps I can. Without any obligation I will think about a tool witch can change the size (scale), and position of the bounding box of the component, by entering a value.
( However currently I believe using native tools you can achieve similar… )

It is “simple”, at least not difficult but complex. It will takes time. Proper code is much more complex than you imagine… (I assume you have no experience with Ruby API.)

I don’t get it. You are “converting” the components to Dynamic Component just to change its x, y, z sizes? Do you really need to have a Dynamic attributes? Or all your components in a question is Dynamic?

Do you know, that the Scale Tool is can be used to enter exact dimensions?
Select the component
Select Scale tool ( or press the default shortcut key S )
Select the appropriate scaling grip handle (the middle one of the x, y or z plane side of the “grip box”)
Type in the desired size including the unit (e.g. 458mm) and hit Enter

Thanks for your replies and comments.

I didn’t know about that function - it is certainly useful but my workflow would benefit more from having a dimension box to change the sizes as previously described.

Scaling is fine for what I need, it doesn’t matter if there is some small distortion.

I would only want to change the scale of instances.

Keep in mind, as you ask for extension development time, Tatar you may be asking for days or weeks of actual development time. If this is something that you NEED and are willing to pay for, we do have developers on the forum who offer this sort of work for pay.


This is in a very alpha (experimental) phase.
Resize (scale) and/or move component instance or group, by typing bound sizes and coordinates. Scale by its own axes, reference point is its axes origin.

  • Install as usual rbz via Extension manager
  • Start with Extension menu>> Resize-Move Instance (Or assign your own shortcut)
  • Select other tool to quit.
  • You can left click on (group- or component) instance you will get an input box with sizes and coordinates. (You can only select this type of object, will be indicated by cursor)
  • The unit and precision (and display or not the unit format) according to Units settings in Model Info.
  • You can enter in any unit similar as in VCB. (120mm, 12" or without unit in a current model: 120)
    However user input not checked extensively, if you enter something strange you will see a warning in status bar and no changes will made… or you may also see strange sizes…
  • There will be a warning if you change axes or you are not in a root editing context. Handling it is not implemented. (yet?)

No warranties! Use your own risk!
Bugs can be reported here. I’ll do my best, massively considering priority of my private life!

Good luck! Have a healthy time!
Dezmo_resize_move_instance.rbz (3.3 KB)


Thanks so much Demzo, this works perfectly!
I made the original post out of frustration and didn’t think anyone would actually make the plug in so it’s very much appreciated :slight_smile:



Thanks for your nice words.
(I moved the topic to [Extension] category) :innocent: