Allow to select all filtered scenes that contain a certain character

In 2022 SketchUp introduced filtering through the Scene toolbar. We have a strict naming system for our SketchUp cameras/scenes, so in the screenshot above I have typed “2” to display all the cameras that contain that character. I would like to select all these scenes and right click on them to display the same context menu that appears when you right click on any scene in the Scene tab:

Unfortunately that’s not possible. We have 100+ scenes per file, and we currently have to click on every Scene individually to select and update them.
It would be great if there was a search/filter section in the Scene tab (not the toolbar). Please consider adding this! And if there already is a plugin for it, if anyone could share it, that would be lovely, because my search didn’t bring me anything.

Update: I think I found a plugin that more or less does what I was looking for. If anyone comes across this in the future, check out Curic’s Scene Manager.