Allow shortening of lower half of dimension extension lines

In general, it is best to create separate threads with one feature request only, although it might be tempting to book them al in one. Developers or program managers have to split them up, anyway.
It’s easier to link to one thread.

Now, I am confused :wink:

Besides adjusting the styled dimensions in your templates, you can also setup some scrapbooks with the styles you use most:

Once you activate a(ny) tool and move the cursor over the scrapbook, it picks up the style all in one (text, color, dimension):

(for selecting, it might be best practice to activate a DIM-layer, so you can select them all in one an adjust:

dimensions layout

For me, the padding of the text is most urgent, moving textboxes and setting fill to transparancy is not sufficient. While the vertical alignments work (left, middle, right) the horizontal ones doesn’t (top, bottom anchor)
You can see it snaps to 6 preset positions:


The middle ones help to determine the center position, but should be moved closer to the line:


That’s why you did the right thing when you didn’t mix thread topics and @ateliernab shouldn’t mix everything in one topic.

I got lost in this topic so I won’t try reading everything that was said in the back.

If someone already replied, I’m sorry for double answer, but to remove those extension lines I think you will have to double click a dimension and edit the extension lines. As I don’t like those lines, I hack their dashes to dotted with 100x spacing:

Removing Extensions from Dimension Lines

After doing this you can use the eye dropper to make the new dimension standard.

If that doesn’t solve it, share a Layout file with the dimension and how you want it, and I’ll make another gif to show you how to do it.

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Setting the gap and length all to zero gets rid of the extension lines for me…

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Never tried it. I will. Thanks!

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