"All supported file types" when importing

Currently when importing to SketchUp you have to manually set what file types to list in the open dialog. When you frequently import a few different format it quickly gets tedious to have to open the drop down list and search for the format of your choice (listed by program name, not file extension).

Could we have an option named “All supported file types” to avoid having to manually search the list?

I suppose the reason why you currently have to select file type is to tell SketchUp what importer to use, not file type per se. However, as SketchUp already knows what file type are supported by what importer, it could just automatically pick the first importer supporting the chosen file. In the rare situation when a user has multiple importers supporting the same file type, the user could have to specif icy an importer from the drop down list, but in 98% of use cases the user wouldn’t need to do this.



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