Aligning Plumbing Fixtures for DWV

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First post here. Thanks for having me.
As a noob, I’m having trouble aligning elements. I’ve youtubed it and watched various videos but still am lacking some core understanding. Recently, I’ve downloaded the Align Extension by Curic but its still not helping.

Any advice how to proceed? Thanks much!

plumbing_rough_in_align.skp (3.6 MB)

With Align Tool by Didier Bur

Fantastic Mihai! Thanks much. Just so I understand the concept though. I need to select three points in space on X,Y,Z axis from point of origin then select three points (X,Y,Z) in destination for movement to take place? How can I align to linear measured distance (so basic pipe length)?

By adding two axes, the third direction will be automatically perpendicular.

A very good tutorial

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Yes, good tutorial but it seems to use a different extension from the one in your other post. If so, which do you recommend using?

It’s the same.
If you read the description of video, you’ll see it is Align Tool by Didier Bur

JHS Powerbar is a collection from different authors.

Got it. Thanks both.

Still having some issues, this time aligning the pipes in a run vertically. Any tips on how to align the centerpoint of the pipes? Should I draw a centering line through?plumbing_rough_in_align_2.skp (7.6 MB)

I think you need to get your head around moving things around. The move tool will rotate groups around their center and snap to axis. So you can easily make things 90 to each other.
Endpoints and hidden geometry makes it easy to grab things in the right place so you can align them.
The arrow keys lock to axis.
So here I have rotated the odd pipe to match the vertical pipe, then move it into place with a middle vertex to another middle, then move it along the green axis to center by aligning the two midpoints on that side.



Fantastic! That’s what I wasn’t getting. Thanks much…

+1 for @Box

@manfreddrews, also don’t forget to make use of X-ray style if you need to get target endpoints on the object’s inside.

Here’s the final approved by licensed UPC plumber. Not perfect but maybe this will help someone else down the road.plumbing_rough_in_align_3.skp (7.9 MB)