Air flow/wind analysis

Is there software into which I can export my model of an urban development to do a wind/airflow analysis? Better yet - is there an extension/ruby, etc. that is available for SketchUp that would allow me to model/illustrate airflow/wind through a collection of buildings?

Hmmm, not that I am aware of, as an extension for SU anyway. The closest thing I know is noise mapping but that is something completely different to what you’re needing.

Have you had a look if any of the following may have something to that effect?

There is Software

But it might be cheaper to 3D print a model and analyse in a test environment on scale…

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Here’s a discontinued SketchUp plugin that can simulate airflow. It seems there’s a download link. If you decide to download it, then the fixed version by TIG is probably less buggy. TIG said the unfixed version will break several tools!


FloEFD for CATIA V5 can do airflow analysis but is quite pricey.

Autodesk should have software for air flow analysis. Few year ago there was “Autodesk flow” but the name changes probably every year :slight_smile:

Correct, it has been discontinued and rolled into a larger package.

Or you can also use CFD

[quote=“Forestr, post:5, topic:72306”]
the unfixed version will break several tools !

That’s a little frightening!!

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I don’t have Autodesk, so unfortunately, that won’t work for me…

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and comments!

Yeah. I wouldn’t download it if I were you.
I’ll say it again…
the unfixed version will break several tools!