Stress and simulation analysis of stl or obj

Since su doesnt have a stress or fea type simulation for analysis of any part i make, does anyone know of a software that can import an stl, obj, or any file that su exports so i can run some analytics on some parts i made, such as gears, pistons, shafts, etc etc?


Try FEM analysis in FreeCAD (a free & open source CAD package).


Free software download:

As a side note, modeling in FreeCAD definitely has a learning curve, but FEM analysis on something you import should be less difficult. Good luck!

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Tried this and its really buggy. Plus i dont want to have to remodel a very complicated part all over again haha.I was a huge solidworks user but now im all about su.

SolidWorks keeps you working, SolidThinking can be used to optimize topology and minimize mass upfront.
You define the ‘design space’ Solidthinking optimizes it for you.

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