Adjust the default distance of number from dimenion line in Layout

As above, To be able to adjust the distance between the number and its line by default. I know you can nudge the text closer to the dimension line by double clicking it after creating, but I can’t do this before creating the dimension as a document wide dimension setting. Nudging the number for every dimension is not practical, especially with the lag in layout going in and out of edits for things like dimension and labels . The default distance is too far. I cave compared with Revit and Archicad default distances and realised this is one of the things making my dimension stacks so much winder and less legible than those other software’s.

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Rodog has several issues with the same tool, so I propose to move the discussion to this centralised thread. and SU doesn’t like me to duplicate my messages. what a shame.

please refrain from debating here, where it’ll create duplicate and triplicates :wink:

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