Adding dimensions to cylinders with steps

I’ve created a small circle then pulled to create a flat cylinder, kind of like a coin. Then I drew another circle on top from the center point of the bottom circle, creating a slightly smaller cylinder. I want to add dimensions of the step that creates. When I select the dimension tool, I can only add the diameter of the circles. I want to add the small dimension from the large circle to the smaller circle and then the distance from the surface of the bottom circle to the surface of the top circle. How can I do this?

Frankly I would add the dimensions in LayOut but if you must add them in SketchUp you can add in some temporary edges vertically and radially and dimension them. Another option is to make the thing a goup or component first and then do the dimensioning outside of the group/component. I did that here.

By the way, you should correct the face orientation of the shoulder. It should be white/light gray not blue.

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You can also show hidden edges and snap your dimensions to the endpoints of vertical edges. SketchUp draws circles as regular polygons, but uses shading tricks to make them look smooth.

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This tip is very helpful to ensure that you are inferencing/snapping to where you actually want to. Maybe not huge in this instance, but viewing hidden geometry is a great tool.

It can also help you manipulate geometry you otherwise could not. (BTW: I don’t think your graphics card changes my response.)