ACT: custom camera model

Dear All,

I’m trying to customize the camera models of Advanced Camera Tools via cameras.csv without success.

I can add custom cameras in the CSV and the parameters are correctly managed except the “camera_model”. I created a SKP file with the same name to represent the camera in the drawing area, but every time I see the standard camera component.

So I realized that also the existing cameras always have the same camera even if the model are present in the folder.

Do you have any idea?

Sketchup PRO 2018 Win 10

are you using the same name as the description of your camera…

: in cvs
1,16mm Camera Aperture,16mm Camera Aperture,16mm,10.262,1.37,16mm-camera

: skp name
16mm Camera Aperture.skp

all 3 in italics need to match…


Are you sure?
Actually the default CSV file is the following:
1,16mm Camera Aperture,16mm Camera Aperture,16mm,10.262,1.37,16mm-camera

in the same folder you can see the corresponding SKP file:

But it’s not working as espected.

Anyway, I tried to change the name in order to have the same name as the description of the camera and it still doesn’t work.

do any of the defaults actually change the camera skp used?

I can’t seem to on a mac…

I was looking at the original code, since updated and hidden…

but, I pasted the css data…

the ACT code for the camera ‘before’ css was

name = "Super 16mm (1.66:1)"
description = "16mm-camera"
perspective = true
aspect_ratio = 1.66
image_width = 11.76

so, in the original ACT skp name and description are exactly the same…

name and description are always the same (e.g. “16mm Camera Aperture”), camera_model is different (in the previous example: “16mm-camera”).
But when i put in the scene, the camera is represented in the scene always with the same basic component made by a parallelepiped and a cone.

I’m sure they used to change, so maybe the update to cvs broke that functionality…

I write my own cameras in ruby when I need them, as I found ACT buggy after it’s SU v8 ‘rewrite’…


I tried also with SU 2019 and with other computers and it’s always the same story: bugged.