Unable to edit the ACT cameras.csv file



I’d like to report a potential issue with Sketchup 2017 Pro for Win 64 bit (trial period) when I try to edit the cameras.csv file as per the following tutorial:
If I try to add a row at the end (but also if I try to remove a row or to delete the file), after a restart of the application, the list of ACT cameras is still the same.
Any suggestion?


Actually, that article only lists the CSV fields names and descriptions.

It doesn’t really tell you HOW to edit the file.

For example, the file should be Unix Line endings (only a LineFeed) and UTF-8 encoding. (This is the way it comes, and works this way. Why tempt fate?)

THEN, there is another article that tries to explain which file (the location) and how to add the file so it will be loaded, … but the article is flawed.

So re: https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/1219245

  1. The path is incorrect for some version settings …
  • Contains an incorrect version number. (It should say “/SketchUp 2017/”, when the help center version picker is set to “SketchUp 2017”.) (Help center settings 2013 and 2017 do not show correct paths)
  • There should be a note that the root folder of the path, on 64-bit systems running 32-bit SketchUp is “C:/Program Files (x86)/
  • The given path is for SketchUp versions of 2014 and higher. (SketchUp 2013 didn’t have a “Shipped Extensions” extensions folder, nor “plugins” in the user’s %AppData% path.
  1. Doesn’t contain information on line endings and encoding (mentioned above.)

  2. The most important part for SketchUp 2014 and higher is, that SketchUp must be closed, and you must navigate to the User “Plugins” folder in the user %AppData% path, … and then delete the current deployed copy of the extension.
    Ie, delete both:

  • file: “su_advancedcameratools.rb
  • folder “su_advancedcameratools
    and then restart SketchUp so SketchUp can re-copy the extension from the “Shipped Extensions” folder.

:warning: Make a backup copy of your new custom “cameras.csv” file and keep it somewhere common outside of the folders that SketchUp uses. (Suggest somewhere in your “Documents” path.) You’ll likely need it again for the next version SketchUp installs.

There also exists the possibility that installing updates from the Extension Warehouse might overwrite the CSV file in the %AppData% path. So you’ll need to have a backup copy of it safe outside of SketchUp’s zone of influence.

:pushpin: It has already been requested that there be a separate user addendum camera csv file, but I don’t think it has yet been implemented.

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Dear Dan,

thank you very much for your help! Now it works perfectly.
May I ask you how to change the focal length of the camera?


Right-click the camera’s target “cross” reticle ? (Not sure what it is called.)

Choose “Edit Camera…

… and there you have the “Camera Properties” inputbox.

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