Access a 3DW SketchUp model and manipulate

We have a SU warehouse model with correct x,y,z coordinates and a database that has warehouse asset records with the associated x,y,z coordinates of each of the warehouse asset locations.We need to allow the user to select a record in the database (using an interface grid of some kind) and then using the x,y,z in the selected database record we need to position a pointer at the x.y.z warehouse location of the selected asset. We need to do this inside of sketchup using Ruby for an initial Demo. For the permanent solution we need to create a web site platform (Ruby,php, json, sql, JavaScript, etc) to access the database and perform the same functions as was done while running sketchup.
This is an urgent need so any help or ideas would be appreciated, We are all new to sketchup here.

Sounds like you need some specific non-traditional things. Ping me and @MikeTadros in a PM and we’ll chat.

Roger that, thank you

Sorry to be uniformed, but how do I ping you Barry?

Click on your profile name, you should have a private message there. Respond there.

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