Acapulco Chair - Follow a variable path with variable length

Hello, I am trying to model the Acapulco Chair. Specifically, I would like to figure out how to model the cord without having to model every single one of them

As you can see, the the outer perimeter is egg shaped. And the Cords originate off center. My I am of the assumption that follow me along a path wouldn’t function because the cords aren’t all the same length.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You!!

I’d start with two circles with a radial array of edges, manipulate the circles and edges to get the shape you want, then use a pipe plugin to make your cords.
Something like this.


There are some good reference shots of the chair here: that might be of some help with your modelling?

I assume you want to create this rather than having to? as existing 3D models of it can be had for $12. Just putting it out there as an option, as it’s a challenging project to get right if you’re in a hurry)

Thank you so much. I’ll give it a shot and see what comes of it. I might ask you again if I stumble.

Hello Box, I haven’t been able to recreate what you show on the screen. I am not sure how you manipulated the circle and then connected the radial array of lines? I am a novice at this so, I would appreciate a bit more detail.

Thank You!!

Here you go, you need a plugin to make the egg shape, which is why I only said manipulate to get the shape you want as there are several options.
So here I have used Fredo6’s Fredoscale to taper the circle.
Then I have shown you how to move the circles, once again to get the shape you choose. I did the double lines a little differently this time, the earlier one was an array in the same way but using a rectangle with the face removed, so it created a 4 edge loop, this only creates two edges for each. You can join the edges at the smaller circle to create a 3 edge loop if you wish. Always different choices possible.



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