About the Tutorials category

If you’ve ever been asked “How do I do this” and then proceeded to answer the question – then this is the forum for you! The “Tutorials” category is a place to create posts explaining how to do things, a place to answer the question from another Category and then refer back to often. You’re invited to use inserted images, inserted 3D Models (from the 3D Warehouse of course) or to just attach example files. To try to keep this as clear as possible, a handful of guidelines:

  1. Use clear, descriptive titles.
  2. Create a clear opening paragraph describing your intent.
  3. Keep it linear and sequential, step 1 … step 10, etc…
  4. Use inserted 3D Models whenever possible over screenshots, allowing
    your pupil to orbit around simply.
  5. Use WYSIWYG to your advantage, be Bold, emphatic and keep
    syntax easy to spot.

If you have any questions about how this works, feel free to ask in this topic, otherwise, create your tutorial and post it under the Tutorial Category.


Thanks, I know I have a lot of use for this area. I believe this will be a great place for newbies and those who may feel uncomfortable posting. As they feel there questions are trivial to some of those who are more advanced. I know mine are basic as I only have basic knowledge of what the **TOTAL** use of this software can do. And I do feel stupid some time posting some questions. Thanks and maybe it will turn into "the freshmans lunch table" in the cafeteria, so-to-say…Peace…

I just gave a How To a go and had a heck of a time creating a numbered list that consisted of text plus an image under each number of the list. I eventually just took the numbers out. I thought it might be a carriage-return vs. newline thing so I tried a command+return on my Mac and was quickly surprised to see that will auto-post the draft!

Maybe someone could make a How To on how to do a “text+images” numbered list How To :smile:

– matt

Hi Matt,

Try using keystrokes instead of the bullet and numbered list buttons in the forum interface.
Alt+0149 is a • (bullet)
You can make it stand out more by making it a bold bullet
As for numbers, well, you know how to type those.

Add the images last.
Place the cursor where you want an image to appear among the text.
Then simply drag the image file into the post.

Thanks GEO, but I was hoping for more of an automated Disqus Discourse way to do it using the numbered list tool. So far I’ve been really impressed by Disqus Discourse but making a list like the below was frustrating:

For example, if I were to make that list in Textedit, I would create a list by clicking the list icon, type stuff, insert images, do an option+return to make a new line, then a regular return to start a new numbered list, and then repeat. With Disqus, I was getting erratic behavior. I just don’t think they (Disqus Discourse) had inline graphics in mind with ordered or unorderded list creation…

EDIT: I meant to say Discourse

Here, I created the numbered list with the Discourse native numbered list tool.
Then I went back and placed the cursor in the desired position and dragged the image file in.

  1. List item: Cinque Cento

  2. List item: Lazy Dog

  3. List item: Mighty Dog

  4. List item: JD 730

Ok, you put me on the right track Geo to discover the following:

  1. You need to click the Numbered List icon to add a new list item, NOT hit return after the current list item (which is different but whatever).

  2. Success! I made another numbered list item.

  3. Ok, now what happens if I try to paste an photo into this list?..

  4. Well I’ll be… that worked. Ok, sounds like trick is to create a new list item not with the enter/return key but by hitting the Discourse numbered list icon.

… and then option+return can be used to push the images to a new line without breaking the list, on a Mac at least. Good to know!

I’m looking forward to this section of the forum!

And… just where is the “How-To” category ?

And where do ppl post requests for tutorials ?

Hey Dan,

There is no “how-to” category per se, I would just put the “how-to” language in the title of the post under the tutorials category if you decide to post a how-to.

Instead of “requesting” tutorials, rather I would encourage people to just post a question in the appropriate category and our forum community will respond (perhaps with a tutorial).

If you think the SketchUp team should do a tutorial or skill builder on a particular topic, please check out the Skill Builder thread and fill out the feedback form linked there or comment on that thread. Click here for a direct link to the feedback form to submit your idea.