About license limit number



On the official site they talk to a limit of machines on which to install an extension (https://help.sketchup.com/it/article/3000331).

I wonder where and how to manage this limit for the extensions I developed?


You mean:

  • License Limit Exceeded: You can install a purchased extension on two different computers. If you installed the extension on more than the allowed number of computers, you see this error. If you uninstall the extension on one of the other two computers, you can then install the extension on your current machine.

I do not believe there is a limit option for SketchUp extensions licensing.
It is always 2 for standalone licenses.

Network licenses may be a “different animal”.

@ChrisFullmer ?

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Tnk’s Dan, you confirm my thought that no modification is possible to that number of 2.


Yes for extensions sold on the Extension Warehouse, we allow 2 installations and that number is controlled by us, and is not something that can be changed per extension.


I’m running into an issue where I installed an extension on my Mac, but then had to reinstall the operating system. I didn’t uninstall Sketchup or the extension prior to wiping my laptop. After reinstalling sketchup, the warehouse still thinks I have the extension installed on another computer and will not allow me to reinstall it on my mac. (I also have it installed on my windows desktop at home)

Any way to resolve this?


Contact Customer Support and see if they can help you.