A/v equipment models, projectors, lens calibration


I am looking for technically correct video screens and projector models.


Some manufacturers have put models into 3D Warehouse. Here for example are some Draper screen models, made by Draper themselves:

3D Warehouse Draper screens

For projectors you could see what people have submitted, and take ones that you like:

3D Warehouse projectors


thank you for the tips. I hate to harp about Vectorworks but… In there I can specify size of screen, aspect ratio, size of projector, projector stand type and distance from screen. It will calculate projector lens, and possible multiple projector blends. Looking for a plugin to create projector/screen combos using real specs and lumens.


It sounds like you’re looking for dynamic components.
The models in 3DW that are dynamic have a little green icon. (a circle, a square, and a triangle.)