A Question for Science Fiction Fans

This is what I was programming 29 years ago. I did get to meet with Douglas a few times.


I liked Clarke’s “Childhoods End” a lot. A good NON-fiction book by Clarke was “Prelude to the Future”, all about the pitfalls of predicting the future. A famous quote by Clarke:
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic”.

I’ve always liked that saying. Clarke’s Third Law is a recurring theme throughout most of my books. In the distant future, he is still quoted by Humans. Some of the alien races have a similar saying.

I’m more old school also

Hmmm Fiction eh, how about a science denying, reality tv nobody gets elected president…oh …wait


(OT)I loved HyperCard. It’s discontinuation was one of the reasons I abandoned the Mac.

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The last couple of years I’ve been attracted to the concept ‘Where are the Others’. Here are a couple of links that may be fodder:
Good luck!


I appreciate the references. I read both of these and found them interesting. The fun part about Physics is that things keep evolving. When I was little, we knew that the Universe was expanding, but at a gradually decreasing rate. Twenty-odd years ago, we learned that it is expanding at an ever-increasing rate. Nothing has changed about the Universe, but the collective opinions of physicists has obviously shifted.

My personal view of life is that we may, in fact, be living in the Matrix. We would never know the difference, of course, so I don’t fret over it much. However, it makes me want to question things all of the time. Especially when I have a bit of déjà vu (j/k). According to Physics, life is but the natural interaction of primary particles emitted by the Big Bang. However, a purely deterministic view requires the lack of Free Will and so the multiverse concept becomes an attractive (if messy) alternative.

I firmly believe that 42 is the answer, but I’m still trying to understand the question :wink:

It’s my street number.
I think one of the things that fascinated mr Adams and that fascinate me is the question whether the universe/multiverse… is big enough that everything that has a non-zero probability is bound to have happened somewhere.