A box for printing



I’m trying to make some boxes for 3d printing. They aren’t complex, and I’ve done it before, but now I just get unfixable errors when I use Solid Inspector before exporting to STL. I can’t see how to upload a file or I would include it.
Anyway, is there any place that has an explanation for how to create a box for printing? I want it to have an external lip on the open top and an internal lip on the open bottom. These always give rise to one or more errots.


Upload the SKP file with the Upload button, 7th from the left in the row of buttons above the message text window.

With the model in hand, it’ll be easy to show you how to solve the problems you are having.


Without seeing your file I am going to guess right now based on context that you are working too small. If you draw something small enough to fit on most 3d printer beds you will have some problems. What you do is draw at 10 (or more) times as large as you need then shrink it down to final print size. Better yet, you draw at a large size, make components of your parts then copy and shrink the parts and lay them out for printing – a picture is worth a thousand words …

So here I am drawing at 10x size so 10 inches is 100 inches! The parts are drawn “assembled” (makes it way easier to make them fit together that way…

Each part is a component. Then, I make a copy, shrink the copy to actual size and set the copies off to one side arrayed proper side down for printing.

These are the same parts as above but ready to export STL/print. My print bed is 10.5 inches square so nothing here is more than 10 inches long.

By making the original a component, when you come back after your first print and make adjustments to the large parts the changes automatically take place in the actual size copies! It is freaking magic man! :slight_smile:

No credit to me as @DaveR and @Box taught me this stuff after several initial frustrating projects of my own.

Yes, I am repeating the following as it may be the single most important lesson for SketchUp in 3d printing : "If you draw something small enough to fit on most 3d printers you will have some problems- Draw big and shrink for print!"


Thank you, I will try this.


It worked! I’ve suddenly started churning out all of the various boxes that I need with little difficulty. Thanks a lot.