3D Warehouse not working!


I can’t use the 3D WAREHOUSE it does’t work


Hello, sorry to hear that!!

Can you please include some more information such as: SketchUp Type, version, computer type and version and where/how you were trying to access 3D Warehouse? Also, is there a specific model you couldn’t download or what are the details of your problem? Please also include screen shots if you can. We will get you up and running in no time!



I’ve got this one, @AlexB, my wife taught me everything she learned in her “how to talk to Millenials” class this week-end:

omg 3DW epic fail? lol, Luther, my 3DW anger translator will now step in and fix your issue; Luther, any ideas?
Luther: Hang on to your lily white 3D glasses!

How’s that? I hope you’re not humor challenged, because we are here to help, given a little more info.


OK, @breno, you may not be a US person, so (a) that joke was more about a play on words about the US President’s annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner that involved comedian Keegan-Michael Key, and (b) if 3dwarehouse isn’t working in your part of the world or on your computer, let us know how we can help, i.e. - what’s specifically broken for you?