3D Text Problem


Anybody else having problems with Sketchup crashing when trying to add 3D text to a model? I sent in a crash report.


Never had any problem with it. What font? What size? What does the text say?


Arial Bold. SAMSUNG S8+ Haven’t checked size that may be the problem let me check.


I changed it to several different sizes and it’s crashing with all them.-


Yeah but what size s?


Height 0.062509mm
Extruded 5.999988mm


Height is quite small. Try making the text 6 inches tall. Does it still splat?


Didn’t crash but WAY to big. I’ll play with it some.


You’re butting heads with SketchUp’s inability to create small faces. They can exist if you create them at a larger size and scale down. This is the reason you were advised to use the Dave Method in your other thread.

I don’t know that this is where you were trying to put the text but in order to ad it to this cradle, I used the aforementioned Dave Method to avoid the small face issue.


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