3D Text Editor Updates

Version 1.2

I finally got around to address the problems in getting the list of system fonts on both Windows and Mac. Previously it was very hacky. Now I’m using proper system calls to enumerate the fonts available.


Requires TT_Lib 2.11 or newer!

3D Text Editor


This should be integrated…:slight_smile:


a few of the extensions created by 3rd parties should be integrated…


I think very few plugins should be integrated but this one is definitely on that list. This is what user expects from the native 3D Text Tool.

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which was originally a 3rd party plugin itself…

Todd Burch’s SU v5 original at Smustard


Wait, there was a Ruby API before SketchUp 6? :open_mouth:

SketchUp 4 it seems. But I suspect you knew that!

Ruby was available from SU4, but it was work in progress until SU6. So officially the Ruby API SU starts at SU6.

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I used SU5 briefly (for a week) and then SU6. The Ruby API docs however says the oldest methods are from SU6 so I always assumed that’s when it was implemented.

That explains it!

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