2024 view point automatically cutting away

HI everyone. I am having issues while moving and viewing my model. At first it was only slightly annoying. But as I now need to show clients some revisions before I it again. I recently updated to Sketchup 2024. Depending on the angle of the view point the model cuts away (test 1.3). Not Cool. If the view point is ok (test1.1) and I turn shadows on. It automatically cuts the the model away. (test 1)

Is this unique to Sketchup 2024? Is this just a simple setting adjustment. I have been using Sketchup since 2008. So I am not a rookie but i feel i always have more to learn.

It looks like clipping. Is the model far from the model origin, or are its extents very large?

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Is there additional content in the model other than what shows on the view? That can cause clipping. It does look like you are using perspective projection, which is less prone to clipping than parallel.

As always, if you can share the model we can answer more surely instead of guessing.

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I am thinking this could be model specific. I will test that theory on this end as well. The model was larger but still at the origin point. Basile 228 Deane 4.0.skpThe model is in perspective mode.

The problem is that one of these has somehow gotten placed an immense distance from the model proper:

Edit: I forgot to tell how to fix it! Select the proper contents of the model, do Edit->Invert Selection, and then delete. The model will then cease clipping.

You have a vast amount of foliage that is hidden in the model, which contributes a significant amount to its extreme statistics (over 24 million edges!).

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There we go. Thank you, Steve. I have been looking as well. I know about the hidden foliage. But it never caused an issues in the past except with lagging. But I hide them to decrease the lag. Unless they are not needed then I delete.