2020 autosave overwriting files on shared drives

Having read the posts it seems I am not alone at losing working due to the auto[obliterator]save feature.

Am I right in thinking that autosave overwrites the original file?

In my case, I was working on model on my work mac throughout the week, saving the file to google drive filestream.

At the weekend, I then picked up the file on my home macbook and invested a good 15hrs of work.

This morning, I booted up my work mac, which of course loaded up the applications from Friday including Sketchup with the model from Friday night. Autosave kicked in and overwrote the entire weekend’s work.

It would be really helpful if the autosave were be timestamped and save to a folder on the local pc so that if the original file gets overwritten and the work can be recovered. Even better would be if sketchup check the timestamp on the file against the last change before overwritting.

I could have sworn that earlier version would save to a new file each time to avoid this type of scenario.

Autosave in SketchUp isn’t the same as autosaving in Word or Excel. It doesn’t create versions of each save.
In fact, if anything goes right, it should be automatically deleted…
It’s only for when something goes wrong.
You need to save the current working file yourself when closing or after you’ve done something worth saving. Old school style.
The settings in [menu] SketchUp > Preferences for Create Backup creates a copy of the last version of your current working file when you do a save. [menu] File > Revert takes you back to that version.

The Autosave creates a tempfile , (copy of the current working file) every 5 minutes (standard setting) but replaces the former temp.

When opening a file on a synced location (iCloud, Google Drive) al kinds of temp files are also created by the sync service. This in case something goes wrong there (or usually, closing the lid of the laptop while the upload isn’t ready and connection is broken.)

Recipe for disaster.

It is best to have a (temp) folder that doesn’t get synced automatically and place your working files there.

No. Autosave writes autosave files in your local autosave folder. When you close SketchUp (with or without saving your changes) the autosave files are deleted. If SketchUp crashes the autosave files are left in place, and can be used to recover your unsaved changes.

Saving locally and manually uploading to the cloud may save you much heartache.
Many people go their whole career without any issues saving to a network, but most corrupt and lost files can be traced to network syncing.