2019 Model Import Issues to Lumion Pro

My company recently updated to Sketchup 2019 and now I cannot import these models into Lumion. It allows me to import SketchUp Collada files and models saved in 2018 version but not 2019 models. Can you please advise?

I’m assuming you are using LiveSync? If so, then the developers of Lumion needs to update their software to make it SU2019 compatible.

If not using LiveSync, then simply save the model down to SU2018 version.

Hi Julian. Thanks for the response. Yes, just wanting to import models into Lumion and am disappointed that the newest version of SketchUp now won’t import into Lumion. If we’d have known, we would’ve stayed on Version 2018. I’ve also had issues with some important Ruby scripts that are struggling with the newest version of Sketchup too. :roll_eyes:

As Julian indicated, this is a problem Lumion needs to fix. It’s not a problem with SketchUp.

As for other extensions that don’t work with SU2019.2, which ones are you referring to? Have you contacted the authors to ask them about updating them?

For now you have a couple of options. You can save the files as 2018 versions and theoretically your workflow is back to normal. The other option is to keep using 2018 Pro like you did before.

Each new version installs as an independent program and can run side by side with many other versions.
It is usual to install the new one for testing while continuing to use the older version until you know all things are compatible for your specific workflow.

Thanks all. I’ll save as 2018 and will get onto Lumion.

I went on holiday, works IT team did the install then removed 2018 version! When I came back all downloaded scripts were gone and my workspace was back to basic so had to reconfigure the menus and templates :crazy_face:

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Hi Dave. Yes, managed to get them sorted except for S4U scripts. I have the same software at home for my own business but the company IT team at work manage my software but don’t know what it does so struggle with it…

So they uninstalled your old version and installed the new without your prior knowledge? Since each version installs as a separate application, it’s not like upgrading to the next version of MS Office where the new one adds its features to the old one. You’d still need to install your extensions even if they’d left SU2018 in place.

As for the S4U scripts, hopefully he’s been working on updates.

FWIW, don’t copy old extensions to a new version of SketchUp. Install fresh copies to make sure you have the most up to date versions available.


And how recently did they do it, because SU19.2 has just come out.

Hi Box. They did it last week…

Go to Help/About and see which version you have.

Hi Box. I have Version 19.1.174 64-bit…

Ok, so they updated just before the update.
19.2 has some nice added features but also some issues with a few extensions.
I’d get your IT people to reinstall 2018 for you and update 2019, then you can use 18 while testing 19.

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Can you do that with one license, Box?

18 and 19 require different licenses, but both can run at the same time.
Your It people should have both license info.

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OK thanks.

Hi there.

I have imported a 3D model of London City Airport from Infraworks 360 to Bentley’s Open Road Designer (to convert into 3D AutoCAD model) and into SketchUp 2018. Tried to import into SketchUp 2019 but couldn’t complete the process, the model kept coming back with error. The AutoCAD 3D model was 198MB and final SketchUp size is a whopping 883MB. I have a decent PC with good graphics card, RAM and processor but am really struggling with working on this size model.

Anybody else struggle with this sized model? Do we have a PC minimum spec for SketchUp users on this forum? Any help would be most welcome. I’m doing the project for the boss of London City Airport so need to work quick on this one :wink: See images attached of the DRAFT showing the model in Lumion.

are the issues with SU 19.2 ? [it has some dxf/dwg import fixes]…

can you copy/paste or take a screen shot of the error message and add it in a reply…

aside: is the Thames is ever blue? :wink:


Ha, yeah. All my animations make places look a hundred times better! :grin:

I think its a 19.2 issue as it works ok at home on 2018 version… When I get a moment, I’ll upload the error message…