2015 Retina MacBook

Has anyone tried SketchUp Pro on any of the new 2015 Retina MacBooks? Which model? How was performance?

Trying to decide between the new 2015 15" MBA I7 -or- the rMB 1.2 or 1.3. Not sure if either will be better than my current rig, but would like to know opinions on if either would be “close enough”. I travel too much and the weight reduction could be nice :wink: Any and all experience or thoughts would be appreciated!

I started using a 15" MacBook Pro with Retina display last fall. Performance is perfectly fine. I’ve updated to the Yosemite OS, and it and SketchUp behave very well together. The one issue I had initially was with the Retina display. A 1 px line shows up as very, very, very thin on the display. Some other elements, such as a dialog box in the Round Corners plug-in, appear almost microscopic. I’m accustomed to it now, but it took a while to get used to.

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I use a mid-2012 MBP retina (2.3GHz i7), and I would second what @davidheim1 wrote, even though this isn’t the latest and greatest. I haven’t tried a gigantic model, but have no issues with performance on the things I do (mostly woodworking). The thing to look closely at on the other models is the graphics processor. The built-in Intel graphics are reported to be marginal for SketchUp. NVidia are much better.

The thin line, etc. issues are shared with all high-dpi displays, including the iMac 5k and recently released 4k Windows laptops. The custom menus and on-view text used by some extensions (notably those by Fredo6) are so small they are almost unreadable. A workaround is to enable Zoom under the Accessibility preferences, which will let you zoom up just the part of the screen containing those menus while you read and make choices on them. There is also a suite of increased size inference engine markers available (search on sketchUcation) that make the snaps a lot easier to see.

I had a similar issue. The lines, the icons… so tiny!! I had to change the display options to make it display well onto a large classroom screen.
I hear the issue is the same for the Surface Pro 3 PC. I hope that the SU team finds a way to make the program function as well on high-dpi devices, because I’d really love to get one.

I just found out that Fredo6 had implemented a fix for Retina a while back.

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