20 Reasons to consider learning Blender

Here’s a tutorial I did that may be of some help with dimensioning.

export obj from SU to get that into blender.

@chippwalters have you any advice on getting hard shadows like in SketchUp. In work I have great success with still images in SketchUp but I also have a need to animate in the same style. I know it can be done in Blender but I have not yet found a good way.

Blender had a render mode in Cycles called Freestyle which can do what you suggest. I also think it might work in EEVEE too.

You can create such effects via material/shaders with Eevee. Check this video:

Thanks @chippwalters @filibis I will check both of those out in work today.

Just a heads up for anyone wanting to continue to use SketchUp as their primary excellent modeler, and then only use the new FREE Blender 2.8 EEVEE realtime photoreal renderer for importing their SU models (textures intact) and adding / updating materials, lights, and creating renders and animations. On my 3 yr old PC I can render a fairly complex interior scene at 8K in less than 15 seconds. I can animate a 3 minute video in an hour. All pretty cool. And I can still continue to use SketchUp to model in.

Consider the below image. On the left is the original photo, on the right is the EEVEE render in under 15 seconds (after a 4 minute bake which you do once).

This course is targeted at SketchUp users, and there were many beta testers, big names, from the SU community involved. It’s called Definitely EEVEE: Definitive Interiors and if you’re a SketchUp user, you may want to take a look at it:


Take a look at Archipack 2.x add-on for blender 2.8, a set of full parametric architectural primitives ! Beside eevee, probably the best reason to learn blender for any arch-viz user.

Blender archipack official website


Yep! Truly a great resource!

This is cool:


Blender 2.80 official release. Woohoo. Very slick & the doesn’t cost a cent. Pretty impressive.


chipp, is it possible to render full animations (for example flying a camera thru architecture) in Evee?

It’s possible!

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Thanks a lot monospaced!
Do you use blender on your Mac? Can you tell me a little about the performance (in Evee with your Radeon 560?)

I don’t. Sorry. But there are countless videos and animating with eevee is blenders purpose one might argue.

As @monospaced said, yes you can. In fact you can enable motion blue on the camera as well. Each frame takes a few seconds to render. I go over all of it in my course, Definitely EEVEE: Definitive Interiors.

It works on Mac as well, but probably not quite as fast. All depends on your hardware config. You can ask over at BlenderArtists.org.