1000 try's, but unable to make my box solid

I resized a design I found on Thingiverse, try to print it but it appeared that this box have no solid sides and bottom.
I downloaded “Solid tools”, but it’s still not clear to me what I can do with these tools because I don’t understand the menu titles.
Also read many topics about making solid, but I most of them use terms I also don’t understand.
With such a poor succes I am on the brink to give up on SU…

Attach the model and we can probably tell you how to fix it. Seventh icon from the left is upload.

I don’t know what solid tools you are using but in general solid tools (aka solid operations) are boolean operations for solids, not tools to create solids in the first place. To find out why something isn’t a solid you can use TT’s Solid Inspector: https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/solid-inspector²

Edit: To better understand what solid/boolean operations are, maybethis article about set theory can help. Think of the sets as volumes containing points, not as lists of numbers.

Thanks for the reply. I used solid-inspector, but from my simple
comprehension of what I think solids are, I didn’t know how to go further
from that info. Stuck again! Here is the file. Maybe you can tell what is
wrong with it.


RCL-bakje-26-2-2018.skp (119 KB)

Are you trying to print in 2D or 3D?

You might also want to take a look at this thread below. It’s all a bit tongue in cheek but addresses the whole question of solids and what they mean in SU.

The object is not solid, some faces are open on the inside bottom seam. Also behind the pylon section that runs across the middle. Here I have removed the bottom so you can see some gaps more easily.

You need to close all spaces in order to print.

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What Liam said. Here is how I fixed it.
I added the face to the bottom.
Then the triangular piece isn’t aligned with the bottom, so I dropped it down and removed the inner face.


Thanks for your effort. The only thing I have understood in the animation is the moving of the triangle bar to the edge for connecting to that surface. All other movings are not clear to me and it goes to fast to follow. Maybe I am not smart enough. I need a slower and extended explanation to comprehend the theory.
It feels similar as to when I started using a computer and experts tried to help. Their obvious explanation was to not so obvious to me and to fast to follow.

All I did was use the pencil tool on one edge of he missing bottom face to make the face form.
Then the pencil again on top of the triangle to make the missing back face form.
Then move the triangle section down.
Once in position I use a Section plane to look inside the triangular piece so I could delete the internal where the two parts came together.
Finally triple click to select all connected geometry, right click and select Make Group.

O.k. I’ll try again.

Only three things to fix as Box has done in the video.

  1. FIll in the floor section.
  2. Put a backside on the triangle support.
  3. Move the triangle section down so it’s touching the floor.

Clarity: I cut it in half so it’s easier to see, the red parts on the second image are the geometry missing from the current model.


Yes, that is more clear. Thanks a lot.

I tried to draw a bottom clicked with the drawing tool all the end points. I even pulled the surface a little out, but still if I slice it in Cura 14.07 there is no bottom to see. I selected all with CTR-A and clicked intersect. I clicked make component and saved bij export STL, but still no bottom in Cura 14.07. Gets me crazy.

RCL-bakje-1-3–2018.stl (14.7 KB)

Try export this as an .stl
RCL-Box.skp (42.6 KB)

That is still not a solid component when exported back into SketchUp. Can you share your latest .skp file instead. It would be better fixed in SketchUp rather than working from your .stl file.

It does have a bottom but it still has problems with reversed faces, stray edges, etc.

Edit: I was replying to Ted. Box’s model is solid.

RCL-bakje-1-3–2018.skp (130.8 KB)

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