Zooming in dissects objects and turns parts white so it's not visible

I am attempting to Zoom In to my drawing, but as I get closer to the objects, the objects begin disappearing as if they’re being dissected. This continues until the objects themselves disappear and I’m only left with white nothingness. This also occurs when I use Orbit to zoom.

Here are examples of what I am seeing…

The objects beginning to dissect as I zoom in:

If I continue to zoom in, it becomes ONLY white. There is no object in front of it that should be producing this whiteness - it happens no matter what angle I do it from or what object(s) I’m zooming in to.

I’m new here so it would only let me upload one file, but here’s what the original objects look like before zooming/dissection…

And here’s what it looks like when I continue zooming in (notice the white nothingness that appears and takes over)…

Camera set to Parallel Projection? Try changing it to Perspective and then hit Zoom Extents.

The camera was already set to Perspective, however doing the Zoom Extent showed me that there was some ridiculously large rectangle that appeared to be causing the issue because when I removed all sides of it that seemed to resolve the issue. Thank you for the suggestion!

The extremely large geometry would have been my second guess. Glad you figured it out.