Wrong value

Hij is my LenY not showing the right value?

Dakpannen.skp (6.8 MB)

If you want to make use of a Set, treat is as a row with a fixed begin(pan) and end(pan).
The number of pan’s in between can be different, there is a maximum and minimum, depending on the type:

Once the number (and copies) are determined, use the calculated spread, taking in account the set begin and end (don’t use the whole LenZ of the set).

Once you have the set working, start adding copies of the set itself, or combine the set(component) in a new component together with a similar for the Nok:)

SetDakpannen.skp (270,1 KB)

I haven’t taken in account the total length of the copies, but you get the idea…

In your example, the copies of the differen components are mixed up, somehow, resulting in a wrong number of dakpannen.

Thanks! Bedankt!

I will try this asap.