Workstation specification

Hello guys,

I’m interior designer and using AutoCAD 2020, Sketchup 2019 with V-Ray 3.

I have now MacBook Pro 2015
CPU i7 2.5Ghz
GPU GeForce 750M 2GB

It’s time to change it, because is to week now.

I would like to get iMAC 27” and i’m confuse which spec choose, because to get everything best is to expencive for me :slight_smile:

I wonder about:
CPU i5 3.0 or i9 3.7
GPU Radeon 580x or Radeon Vega 48
RAM 16 or 32

If you could help me to chose what i should get i will be much grateful.


Well since you use Vray I’d get the i9 for faster rendering.

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