With This drawing, sketchup keeps closing itself. Why?

padre.skp (2.4 MB)
This is the first time that it happens to me. Only with this drawing, sketchup closes itself.
I have done much bigger drawings with no problems. I tried exploding the letters so that I have only lines but it didn’t work. Can someone help???

As I already told you, look at your graphics card. Update the drivers from the Intel site. Microsoft has a habit of pushing broken Intel graphics drivers with updates and that may have happened with the last update you got.

I don’t know why you think exploding the model to loose geometry would improve anything. It won’t help.

Hello DaveR ,
Thank You for responding to my post.
I downloaded the newest graphic drivers and installed them. It didn’t resolve the problem.
The idea of exploding the model was to take it to the simplest elements to see if the letters were the ones affecting the drawing in some way.
I am an architect and I am working in much more complex drawings with no problems.
There has to be something in this particular drawing that is crashing the program.
Do you have another idea of what the problem could be?

Exploding the model doesn’t make it any simpler. The geometry is just as complex as it was before exploding it.

Are you getting Bug Splats or is SketchUp just closing without any notice? If it’s closing without notice, I would still be suspicious of the graphics card. As I said, integrate Intel Graphics are well known to be lacking in adequate support for OpenGL. A quick search of this forum will show you lots of reports.

You say you’re an architect. Do you commonly work with models with such tiny geometry as in this example? Your model is full of short edges, less than 0.5mm long. These tiny edges can be problematic. Maybe you need to try working at a larger scale.

Sketchup is just closing without any notice.
I will try scaling the drawing.
Thank You.

Closing without notice is most commonly associated with graphics card problems. Good luck with scaling the model up.

I’m with @DaveR on this, sounds like a Graphic card issue combined with tiny edges. I have no problems opening it and working with it.
So to test, I have made you one that is 10 times bigger, see if that works for you.
padrex10.skp (2.3 MB)