With Ambient Occlusion transparent walls

hi everbody, at first sorry for my poor english :slight_smile:

my problem ist : with with Ambient Occlusion i have transparent walls… but i dont know why and how to fix that…
the view from the outdoor wall is correct …but with the indoor Walls you can see trough the Wall…

can someone give me a solution or a tip to fix that ?

best regards Kurt

Could you share the model here? Or If it is too big via a wetrasnfer.com link

We do know about that problem, and it hopefully will get fixed at some point. There are two options at the moment:

  1. Don’t have transparent materials.
  2. Change the time of day.

The issue is a combination of whether there are transparent materials, and also the direction of the lighting. You hopefully will find a time of day that still looks ok, but that doesn’t show the AO problem.

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thx for the information :slight_smile: