Windows SQLite3 1.5.4 pre-compiled gem available for SU 2019 thru 2022

Sometime ago, I packaged two versions of the SQLite3 gem for use with Windows SketchUp.

After seeing SQLite3 for extensions, building a new version seemed appropriate.

The file is su_win_sqlite3-1.5.4.gem, which is a precompiled gem for use on Windows, and works with SU 2019 thru 2022. It will work with Ruby 2.5 and 2.7. It is built using SQLite 3.40.0.

A big difference with the new release is that it will install as su_sqlite3, so it will not conflict with a normal sqlite3 install. The main namespace is SQLite3_1_5_4::SQLite3. To load it, use
require 'sqlite3_1_5_4/sqlite3'

Hence, the two main concerns regarding using gems in SU have been accounted for.

Lastly, the sqlite3 gem is an open source project hosted on GitHub. Running the repo’s test suite in SketchUp produced the following for both SU 2019 & SU 2022:

  1) Skipped:
TC_Integration_Pending#test_busy_handler_outwait [C:/Greg/GitHub/sqlite3-ruby/test/test_integration_pending.rb:23]:
not working in 1.9

272 runs, 452 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors, 1 skips

Fine print regarding '':

The Ruby 2.5 version was compiled with a standard mingw Ruby, using the SQLite-3.40.0 code bundled with the gem.
The Ruby 2.7 version was compiled with a custom mswin Ruby 2.7 build and VS 2019, using the static SQLite-3.40.0 package from Microsoft/vcpkg.

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