Why is it taking a long time to import an .stp file?

I am using simlab to import an .stp file and it is taking a really long time to do this.


How big is the .stp file?

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says SketchUp 2022 Make which is impossible.

Its 50 mb.

Im using sketchup pro 2022.

There’s your reason. Tons of geometry to convert and import.

Please correct your forum profile.

That is moderately large. How long is a “really long time?” How much CPU and memory are the SketchUp process consuming?

I only have windows explorer, task manager, discord, and sketchup running. By really long time I mean it still hasn’t loaded. its been about an hour.

Where did you set the fine-coarse adjustable slider for SimLab Importer? All the way fine? This can take significantly longer. I have had imports that took over an hour, these became over 250mb in SketchUp and almost unusable. Start with the lowest quality and work your way up until you have what you need. If you really need to work the file afterward consider running clean up 3 to merge coplanar faces, which there are likely to be thousands of with the .stp to .skp import, this can also take a long time but yields a much more workable file.


That is fairly long, I agree. :slight_smile: Have you tried SketchUp’s native import feature to load the STL file? (I’m not sure if SketchUp 2022 still has that feature.)

I have had some DWG imports run overnight. I don’t know how long it actually took, but it must have been much more than one hour.

the OP want’s to import a ST(E)P file w/ the SimLab STEP importer plugin, which requires them to tesselate the contained NURBSpline based solids/faces (based on the selected quality settings) to facetted polygons SU can cope with.

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Oops, sorry for my careless reading. As the character Emily Litella from the Saturday Night Live TV show would say, “Never mind!”