Where is Josh's face?

Where is Josh’s face?

On his head? If you mean the Flat Josh in SketchUp for Web, he doesn’t have one. Only a beard and mustache.

Yes, that Josh. Sketchup Shop.

I didn’t think he was flat.

In fact he has two faces (without four eyes) but we can only speculate about this (and the flatness) because he always hides his obscure backside.

And, please, don’t explode him to find it out.


Oh, those two faced people! You can’t trust them. They’re two faced!

You can actually see the back side of a face me component if you re in perspective view and look at it from above in the right angle.


That’s a different Josh.
The Josh with Sketchup Shop has a red T-shirt.

That’s not Josh in @eneroth3’s post. That’s Marc. They look entirely different in person, too.

Marc is calling himself Josh.

What’s he up to?

Since when?

This will save Marc and Josh from exploding :wink:

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I just used the first scale figure I could find to illustrate you can see their backs without exploding them. I know Marc isn’t Josh.

Personally I believe that Marc IS Josh.

This Josh is with the default file for a new project with Sketchup Shop.

This is tall Josh.

This is short Josh.

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Hey everyone, my face is right where it’s supposed to be! In SketchUpland, faces are optional.

…where we’re going, we don’t need faces…” . :wink:

(By the way, this is my first forum post from the Pacific Ocean… I’m returning from Sydney’s first 3D Basecamp!)


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