Where are the women?


Help! I am using Sketch Up Layout and there seems to be a problem.

When I go to use the “people scrapbook” I can only see 2 women out of the 12 figures available to select. The rest appear to be men? I think there is something wrong with the scrapbook ? Could you please help me? Where do I go to access the other women to use in my drawing? There seems to be at least 4 missing???


You can get all sorts of female figures in the 3D Warehouse and you can add them to scrapbooks in LayOut if you want.


Hi Lilli-

The people scrapbook was created a long time ago, when the SketchUp/LayOut team was much smaller. Each of the figures in the scrapbook is one of the team members from that time - and, as you have noticed, only 2 of the figures are women.

As Dave says, the 3D warehouse is one good place to get additional scale figures. I’d also invite you to create your own scale figures by importing a photo and tracing.

The LayOut team has been intending for several years to update the scrapbook with our new team members - maybe we’ll find the time to get this done for 2018!



Hi Marc, Thank you for your response and explanation.

That’s great to know that Sketchup intend to update the scrapbook. How many
women work on your team now? Fingers crossed its more than two …!

Would be awesome to see Sketchup increase the amount of women available in
the default scrapbook, you should make it a priority!!

Equal representation of women and diversity in our profession is so
important and its better for everyone!!!

Cheers, Lilli

(New Zealand)


Can confirm that more than two women work at SketchUp!! I am desk neighbors with five other women, but I do not know how many women work here all together.

It’s on my list of priorities to draw a 2D component of myself and get it into the default scrapbook =)


That is so awesome Alyson !! I look forward to seeing you in the scrapbook!