When I use SDK_WIN_x64_2024-0-553\samples\skp2dae

I found miss some file , colladainheritancemanager.h …/…/common/colladafile.h “./colladatexturehelper.h”“…/…/common/colladageomutils.h”
how can I find them

The SDK does not contain a “skp2dae” example in the "samples" subdirectory.

(1) Where did you get such an example ?

(2) Are you trying to hack SketchUp’s "Exporters/skp2dae.dll" library for standalone use ?

You are right 。SDK not contions them 。it develop by one my parterner . I find skp_to_xml in sdk how can I develop a plugin to skp to dae。Could you have any advices ? I
see skp2dae.dll in SketchUp 2024. how can I use it ?

Take a look at this example for a KMZ exporter.

and Dan’s comments here

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Is this plugin going to run within SketchUp ?

I test。It work well at skp2xml.dll 。but not work at skp2dae.dll。
main.txt (2.0 KB)

without SketchUp. I want use Exporters/skp2dae.dll standalone .

As I said in the StackOverflow posting linked, it is most likely that you cannot use "skp2dae.dll" outside of SketchUp. It is an internal exporter interface using SketchUp application code.

I do not know what "skp2xml.dll" is. It is not an internal Trimble exporter.