When I try to export model (with a section cut) as pdf it says 'not responding'

I am trying to export my sketchup model as pdf so that I can take it into photoshop.
The model I am trying to export includes a section cut, but when I try to export as pdf it comes up ‘not responding’ and I have left the model for around 3 hours to export but no success.

I have exported multiple pdf’s from this same model with other section cuts but when I try to export this specific view nothing seems to work. Any ideas would be helpful, thanks.

Also I am unable to upload the file due to the size but have attached a screenshot of the export for reference.

This is one of the other pdf’s that I have been able to export with no issues. Not sure what could be causing it

hm. you’ll probably have to go through wetransfer or dropbox or similar, because right now, looking at your screenshots, nothing jumps out. especially since one section exports fine and the other freezes.


you have 4 extensions to update :innocent:

I see this is in 2023, it is freezing in 2024 as well ?

I’ve managed to find the issue. I had a mesh component still in the model which I meant to remove so it would’ve been taking days to pdf all the components of it ahaha. Removed that and it pdf’d with no issue.

Thanks for the help though

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