What tools do you use to showcase your projects?

Say you have a completed project and want to send it to a client for viewing. Can you recommend some tools to upload screenshots as well as a live 3d preview online?

Hi , You can send the sketchup viewer to your client with file so they can only view it in £d and not alter it

You can save any jpeg s of your drawing by going to File>export 2d graphic and send them on


It seems to me that anyone smart enough to install the viewer is smart enough to download SU Make and install it. So, as a means to present a simpler interface to a technophobe, I can barely see a point to the viewer application, although I would certainly prefer not to pander to someone else’s irrational fears. As a means to foil someone from changing the file who is determined to do so, I don’t see it at all.

Who cares if someone changes their copy of a file? That’s like someone making changes to a blueprint. It’s a long way from changing the original design. Presumably the actual designer would retain the original file, and some way to establish its authorship and provenance–say a file’s date and time attributes, along with some kind of dated entry in a log or file management system.

Theft of the intellectual property represented by the model is another matter, and if that’s the concern, the viewer application offers scant protection. If someone is going to steal your design and represent it as his own, he can steal your ideas as readily with a viewer as with Make or Pro. Locking the file (or taking away editing tools) does nothing to prevent that. The usual industry method to protect intellectual property is first to place a conspicuous notice of intellectual property ownership on or within the file and second to have any recipients of protected intellectual property sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).


Hi Gully,
Intellectual property is not the issue here. I just think it’s unprofessional to present an editable file. I want the file to be easily accessible without having the client install anything. I was looking at the CL3VER extention and that seems appropriate for my purposes. I’ll look into it.

Another thing I was interested in - is there some web platform you guys use to present the screenshots in a nice layout? Something like a portfolio page and it would be awesome if I could embed the project for live viewing using CL3VER, or maybe a video too.

The only read-only 3D format with an ubiquitous reader is 3D PDF. It can be viewed with any Adobe Viewer version since, if i remember right, version 7. I know of two commercial 3D PDF plugins for SketchUp, one by RPS Systems and the other by SimLab Software.


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Hi all,
I have been looking for a good viewer for quite some time. I found several at different tech levels, cost levels and purposes. Starting with the totally free SkUp extensions Scene Exporter and Web Exporter, that auto-produces series of jpgs from the SkUp work area, they are very good,simple and stable, but you must manage your own html web site to use them.

Next level are the PDF solutions that Anssi mentioned. One more level up, is where the end user can view the model in an interactive intuitive way TOTALLY without any previous installations and also cross-platform. Alex Shreyer mentions that his choice (and mine too!) is the Sketchfab viewer. He has even written the SketchUp Sketchfab Exporter plugin for this purpose. I just installed and tested it with awsome result. You just click a menu choice in SkUp and the Sketchfab browser window opens with your model in view mode, and you just save that webadress from the browser and mail to your customers and voilá - they can see your model interactive in an awsome way. It is free for ever for non-commercial use and you find it here SkUp plugin and info, Sketchfab site.

There is also a competitor to this, the Spread3D viewer, that is non-free but cheaper for pros. It has some really good extras on top of Sketchfabs properties - it also adds functions from SkUp dynamic components like opening/closing doors,cupboards etc.

Finally there is the top level of showcases, the Augmented Reality viewers, like the AR-media plugin (Sketchup Extension Warehouse) where you integrate your model into a video so that you, for instance, can hold the building model in your hand and turn it and show it. But that is over kill for this purpose I think.

Hope this helps

Have you tried using the 3D Warehouse for presenting your models? It’s got a great 3D WebGL viewer you can embed in your own site that also links to the SketchUp mobile viewer.

We know this wasn’t the traditional use for 3D Warehouse, but we made loads of changes and increased the file size for just such applications. We’d love to hear your feedback.

What is the maximum file size for downloading a file into SketchUp Mobile Viewer? All my files take a long time to load, then tell me that each exceeds the size.