What’s up with SketchUp Make?



You should be making this as a separate feature request in The SketchUp Web forum. It’ll just get buried in all the inane drivel of this thread.


Thanks Dave. I did, just now.



Very nice, I will have to download your model and study it further, especially your gable wall framing.


preferably to the core of the SU Professional version first.


Instead of making SketchUp Free from scratch, could they copy-paste SketchUp Make’s code & modify it to make a web version? I’m thinking it might be easier, but I don’t know…


If that was possible, don’t you think the developers would have done it?


Yeah… Probably. I still haven’t learned how to code yet though, so it’s all a mystery to me.


You can figure that they wouldn’t reinvent the wheel if they don’t have to.


As I recall from information that has been posed by SketchUp team members, this is in fact how SketchUp for Web (i.e., Free and Shop) have been implemented - derived from the SketchUp Desktop (i.e., Make and Pro) source code.


A lot of the codebase is shared between the versions, but it’s not copied and pasted. One of the first rules in coding is to never copy and paste! You should never repeat yourself. Instead you write something once, and then reference it from multiple places.