What makes a great 3D Warehouse product model?

Thank you, @ChristopherCronin, but there was nothing in the video that I wasn’t already doing as far as trying to upload. The upload process appears very easy, seems completely self-explanatory. I will admit however, that if I ever get past the upload, the editing and updating look like things I will need to return to this vid (and maybe others) for.

Sounds good, @SketchrUppr.

Fwiw, here’s the link to the complete 3D Warehouse ‘How To’ video series. The series covers fairly basic 3D Warehouse functionality, but you might still pick up some good tips from it.

I came here for another issue (which I will address later) when I ran across this topic. My two cents…

Maybe you could ask the person uploading a model how they would like for it to be categorized. For example “Just for practice”, “Just for show”, “Professional Use”, etc. If it’s for professional use, ask if it meets certain criteria. Then devise a plan for double-checking said criteria. (Could be done by community?) If people want their models used professionally, they will possibly strive to meet the requirements.

I think the “major manufacturers” (such as in the above example) want people to see their product in the best light. I am really bad at Sketchup, so I don’t know if it’s possible to create a model that LOOKS fantastic and ALSO works well placing in a design. Maybe they could have an option of adding a really nice looking photo (outside of the model), with a disclaimer (?) that the model has been optimized for use in adding to “your model”?

I have model search binges. I look through the models and add to collections, sometimes go ahead and download. I don’t see how they are built until sometime later. …I have decided to “like” models based solely on how they look. It has nothing to do with how they are built. I don’t like to be critical, but if (after downloading and use) I found something that might improve the experience for others I might be willing to comment. Could a link back to the model be built in somehow? Could users decide to allow comments or not?

Maybe you could have creative challenges for people to create an object and allow more input from others.

Seems like I had a couple other thoughts regarding this, but I lost them. That’s probably three cents anyway…

Is there a link from the warehouse to this forum, to this question? I didn’t see one. If anyone has questions about 3DW how would they know to look here? I was sent to the warehouse from another home design software. The 3DW is discussed on their forum fairly regularly.

No. Noted. Feature request filed.


Thanks for your three cents! Post away if you remember the other thoughts. I also appreciated the description of your 3DW workflow.

We’ve definitely thought a lot about the notion of a ‘certified’ model on 3DW, whether it’s been certified by us or the community, but we don’t have anything to announce right now.

  • Chris

P.S. Btw, which home design software forum brought you to 3DW originally?

You’re welcome. I enjoy the warehouse quite a bit. There are some really amazing models.

The home design software I use is Home Designer Pro. Locating and Importing 3D Symbols