What is the best way to create this?

I’m creating a underworld dis-topic city and it is driving me mad because the apartments I created its super heavy. What is the best way to create this? those lines I created with freehand tool occupy too much space? what plugin can generate slight different versions of each home and place them in a circular/curved disposition?
the sancturary - oleg nova versao pesada.skp (2.1 MB)

The first thing I would advise, would be to create your individual door and window shapes ‘on the flat’, in other words as a 2D shape horizontally; then when you are happy with the shape, weld the edges together using Sketchup’s native ‘Weld’ tool, create a surface of the shape by drawing a line across, and make a group of that shape. Then flip the shape into the vertical position and place where you want it. You can then go into the group and push-pull the surface through to make the opening.

Comment - you seem to have a lot of edges overlapping with surfaces - particularly with the window openings, so by making each opening into a group as described above, you can avoid accidents and extra geometry.

Thanks Philip,
I don’t think I understand quite well, could you make a little video of it? :pray: