VRAY window

macbook pro M1 VENTURA 13.1 / VRAY / DISPLAY SAMSUNG LF32 TU87
Hi there,
did someone knows how to ;
work on sketchup window on my external display
and run the VRAY window on my MACBOOK PRO display?
thank’s a lot

… move them.

Most softwares remember on what screen they last opened. so normally, after moving and placing them, if you quit, it should reopen fine.

if it doesn’t, here are leads :

  • since Vray is an extension, it’s a part of SU, therefore macos will probably see it as part of the “window package” of SU. so Vray might keep opening on top of your SU.
  • in apple’s preferences, you can decide what screen is the main one, what screen is the second one. if SU keeps opening on your macbook screen, it might be because it’s coded to open in the “main” screen. by switching the parameter, it would make the samsung screen the main one. Then you would probably need to move Vray every time, see point 1.
  • there might be softwares out there that can deal with that. I don’t know any, but it feels like a probability that someone coded a tool to assign specific softwares to specific screens. However, see point 1 - Vray is part of SU, it might not be possible to force its opening on a specific screen.