Vray material converter asking serial!

which serial we need to add ?

my is a trial version of sketchup studio and vray.

This V-Ray Material Converter?


but i am on trial for 30 days ,is it possible without purchasing for 30 days? for rendering .

Ask the creator of the extension.


Maybe it’s not clear to you but this extension is not part of the Studio trial. It’s a third party add-on. I don’t see anything on the developers site indicating there is any free trial period for it. I do see that the price has gone up from what is shown on the Extension Warehouse page. As @mihai.s directed, ask the developer. It won’t hurt. The worst they can tell you is “no.”

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This is not part of v-ray or SketchUp Studio , it’s sold by an entirely different company.

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If you’re going to get the license of sketchup studio and this plugin is useful for you, you should consider buying a license, it’s just $20 per year.

i am having the this trial for vray ,nut confusion is which serial i need to enter !

Vray and vray material converter are different plug-ins developed by different companies, that have nothing to do with each other. Vray is included with sketchup studio but the other plugin isn’t, if you really need to use that plugin the only way to do it is buying a license, then you’ll receive the serial number in your mail, vray serial number won’t work cause it’s not one of their products. Trying to activate with the vray license is like trying to acicate profile builder or any other paid extension with the vray license, it’s not gonna work.