Video Animations Not Working in Sketchup 2017 Blank Video


hello Sketchup peeps… I have tried over and over again to create a video animation in sketchup using 1080p 29 scenes with a luxury home I made in hopes of showcasing a virtual tour to no avail… I am using Shadowing Effects and Fog and the video Animation will take about an hr sometimes more or less to export only to have either half the video not displaying anything or the entire video fails to show ANY video… please help… I am lost as can be and very frustrated as I must get my model in video very soon!


This sort of thing typically happens because the GPU can’t keep up with the animation export because the GPU gets loaded down processing all those frames with shadows and fog. Export the video in small chunks and use a video editor to combine them.

How will you use the virtual tour?


hello Dave thank you for letting me know… well the GPU most definitely wasn’t the issue here… but the good news is I was able to download the newest version of Sketchup Releases sometime in march or something and that resolved the issue and now I have seamlessly fluid virtual tours clocked at 1080p and 28 frames per sec and fog and shadows! :stuck_out_tongue:


one question i do have tho… can you add music to Sketchup Animations? or is A video Editor necessary? if so which Video editor is the best for high quality content…thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad you got it working.

As for adding music or other content to the video, you would need to do that in an editor. Which editor is best? That’s an impossible question to answer. Different folks like different ones. I use the video editor included in Snagit which I used for doing video screen captures. The editor is pretty powerful and intuitive. You should look around, though.


ok thnx… is Snagit free? and is just for photos? or video as well?


No. Snagit isn’t free. It’s mainly for recording video screen grabs but works well for editing other video files as well.


Is their a certain amount of file sizes? Like can you have long videos? Or
are they all limited to small clips?


if you are looking for somthing simple and free you might want check the MS Windows Movie Maker 2012 (EoL 01/2017).

mo’ power but still free, go for Shotcut (OS)… or the free version of the commercial Lightworks with the output formats limited.


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